tag-not-ed - a TAGged NOTes EDitor.

What this page is about:

This is the homepage of tag-not-ed, my favourite program. [You might have read this before somewhere else : )] Give it a try if you feel like it. It is a system which allows you to create and manage text documents by attaching tags to them. Later, documents can be retrieved by running queries on those tags (e.g., "show me all docs that deal with 'dogs' and 'cats'").

tag-not-ed was written by Manuel Arriaga and is available as free software: it is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Version 1.0 can be downloaded from here.

To become the second tag-not-ed user on the planet you'll need to:

  • use a UNIXy OS (I guess it should work on all of them)
  • have a recent version of Python installed on your system
  • use jed as your text editor!
  • To ask questions, offer feedback or report bugs just email me (email address found at the bottom of the page).

    Manuel Arriaga - Email me at marriaga followed by @ stern . nyu . edu