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The European Union  
These articles report on the state of the Union. 
October 18th 1997  Europe’s tricky budget..
October 18th 1997  ...and its euro-joining forecasts 
October 11th 1997  EMU, ready or not 
October 11th 1997  Europe’s single currency 
October 11th 1997  Finns love Europe’s Union... 
October 11th 1997  ...even more than Estonians do 
October 11th 1997  Economics focus: The pathology of French unemployment 
October 4th 1997  Creating Euro-jobs 
October 4th 1997  A shift on monetary union? 
September 27th 1997  Europe’s coming economic boom 
September 20th 1997  Poland prepares for Europe 
September 20th 1997  The single currency’s timing..
September 20th 1997 crucial for Helmut Kohl 
September 20th 1997  When the euro meets the real world 
September 6th 1997  Europe’s farm follies 
September 6th 1997  An EU plan to reform farming 
August 30th 1997  EU commissioners: a report card 
August 30th 1997  Europe’s interest-rate puzzle 
August 9th 1997  Germany’s EU budget moan 
August 2nd 1997  The EU’s social agenda 
July 26th 1997  France’s budget and EMU 
July 19th 1997  Welcome to Europe 
July 19th 1997  The European Union heads east 
July 19th 1997  And its new budget plan 
July 19th 1997  Mulling over EMU 
July 19th 1997  Brussels biffs Boeing 
July 12th 1997  Picking new EU members 
July 12th 1997  Estonia’s EU candidacy 
July 5th 1997  Wangling or delaying EMU 
July 5th 1997  Europe’s firms prepare for the euro 
June 28th 1997  The EU’s next agenda 
June 21st 1997  Cheer up, Europe 
June 14th 1997  Widen Europe 
June 14th 1997  EMU versus enlargement? 
June 14th 1997  Tony Blair in Europe 
June 7th 1997  Is EMU coming apart? 
June 7th 1997  EMU’s prospects 
June 7th 1997  Germany’s wobbly government 
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