Price Deflators of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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Definition: The GDP report includes inflation information. There are a number of price indexes published in the GDP report: the Chain-Weight Price Indeces of GDP, Final Sales and Gross Domestic Purchases;  the Fixed-Weight Implicit Price Deflators of GDP, GNP and Gross Domestic Purchases. For an analysis of the difference between fixed-wight and chain-weight indeces see Chapter 1of the Lecture Notes in Macoeconomics.

Related Indicators:  While these price deflator data are published quarterly, some related price data such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI) are published instead on a monthly basis.

Source: Department of Commerce, BEA, NIPA dataset.

Frequency: Quarterly, revised monthly. The GDP for a given quarter and its associated price deflators are released in the first month following a quarter as the "advance estimate". The "preliminary estimate" is published in the second month, followed by the "revised" estimate in the third month.

Availability: Three to four weeks following the reported quarter
Direction: Procyclical as inflation tends to go up in booms and fall during recessions.

Timing: Coincident indicator

Volatility: Low

Likely Impact on Financial Markets:

Ability to affect markets: High if there are large unexpected changes in  inflation rates.
Analysis of the Indicator:
High price inflation is bad news for the bond market. A weak % rate of change of the price deflators  is received favorably by bond investors; a strong inflation report causes concern the Fed might need to intervene and raise interest rates--a negative for the fixed income market.
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