by Richard M. Levich

Here are some suggested Internet links to accompany International Financial Markets. If you have any problems with these links, or suggestions for additional links, please contact me at:

Deutsche Bank's Exchange Rate Perspectives. Issue dated April 17, 2008. A periodic review of macroeconomic developments in industrial countries and emerging markets. Excellent graphics and analysis. (Adobe pdf file, 4.8 Mb)

Deutsche Bank's Foreign Exchange Weekly. Issue dated April 18, 2008. A specialized report on foreign exchange market developments with forecasts (Adobe pdf file, 692 Kb)


I.The International Financial System

· International Monetary Fund The IMF's vast resources a click away
· Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Wealthier OECD countries report their progress
· World Bank Global economic prospects for developing countries, WB's treasury activities, and more
· Bank of Canada Canada's central bank
· Bank of England England's central bank
· Bank of Japan Japan's central bank
· European Central Bank The central bank of the EMU
· Federal Reserve Board of Governors The U.S. central bank
· Links to central banks Links via the Bank for International Settlements
· European Union The WWW server of the European Union
· Giancarlo Corsetti's web page on the EMU Links to nearly everything written about EMU

 II. Foreign Exchange Markets

· FXStreet.Com Economic calendars, market commentary, etc.
· Bank of Montreal Market commentary
· MMS International Market commentary; now fee-based, part of Informa Global Markets
· Olsen and Associates Market commentary, technical forecasts
· Morgan Stanley Market commentary; Global Economic Forum
· CURRENEX A new electronic market place for currency trading
· FXall Another new electronic market place for currency trading
· CLS Bank The new institution for settling FX transactions continuously through the day
· OANDA A family of currency converters and games
· Links to Government Statistical Servers Macroeconomic data from the ISDS at Duke University
· The World Factbook Macroeconomic and political data from the CIA 
· Penn World Tables Macroeconomic data from the Center for International Comparisons
· FRED Macroeconomic data from the FRB of St. Louis
· White House Briefing Room Recent statistics on the U.S. economy
· Financial Times Current financial news and analysis 
· The Economist Current financial news and analysis 
· National Bureau of Economic Research Academic research on international finance

 III. Offshore Markets

· Euromoney Magazine Eurocurrency and Eurobond activity
· Euroclear World's largest clearing and settlement system for internationally traded securities
· British Bankers Association Source authority for LIBOR and other benchmarks, historic data
· Fitch Ratiings - Sovereign Ratings Complete sovereign ratings history

 IV. Derivatives: Futures, Options, and Swaps

· Chicago Mercantile Exchange Description of contracts, trading, data 
· EUREX Description of contracts, trading, data
· Euronext - London International Financial Futures Exchange Description of contracts, trading, data
· MATIF Description of contracts, trading, data
· Singapore Exchange Description of contracts, trading, data
· Futures Industry Association & Futures Industry Institute Data and links to all futures and options exchanges 
· The GLOBEX Alliance Electronic, off-floor trading 
· International Swap Dealers Association Information about swap market practices
· The Options Clearing Corporation All about the clearinghouse

 V. International Asset Portfolios

· International Finance Corporation World Bank arm for private sector investing 
· S&P/IFC Emerging Markets Database Primary source for emerging market data; Under "Products and Services" select "Index Service Data"
· World Federation of Exchanges Links to national stock exchanges
· The Bank of New York Depositary Receipts Directory Facts and figures on all ADRs, GDRs and other DRs
· BradyNet Facts and figures on Brady bonds

 VI. International Asset Portfolios and Financial Risk Management

· RiskMetrics Publications and information about Riskmetrics' VAR system
· Financial Engineering Associates Competitor to Riskmetrics, subsidiary of BARRA
· International Association of Financial Engineers Research and tools for financial risk management
· International Treasurer Journal of global treasury and financial risk management

 VII. Regulatory Issues

· Bank for International Settlements International banking regulation, market surveys, capital adequacy regulations 
· U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission The rule making body for U.S. equity markets
· Financial Accounting Standards Board Association responsible for U.S. accounting standards
· International Organization of Securities Commission Association of national SEC's 
· International Accounting Standards Board Association responsible for international accounting standards

Other Addresses

· International Business Resources on the Web Statistical data around the world from the Michigan State University CIBER project
· Financial Data Finder Data providers from A-Z courtesy of Ohio State University
· Richard Levich, Stern School of Busines Address e-mails to

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