Links to Useful Data

This page provides links to data sources on the World Wide Web. I would be very interested to hear about other useful sites with data; please e-mail me with any suggestions you might have.

1. Links to Economic and Financial Data
Stern OnLine Data Access data on basic economics, industrial compustat, bank compustat, business information compustat, global vantage, stock, bond & indices; data available as SAS data files & ASCII files; user name and password required;
Global Financial Data annual data on stock markets, inflation rates, interest rates, exchange rates,etc; data only available as a printed out table;
National Bureau of Economic Research Macrohistory Database
historic data on production, construction, employment, money, prices, asset market transactions, foreign trade and government activity; data available in Micro-TSP.db format which is readable by TSP, Micro-TSP, Eviews, RATS and other packages;
Federal Reserve Economic Data historical U.S.economic and financial data, including daily U.S. interest rates, monetary and business indicators, exchange rate, balance of payments and regional economic data; compressed files in .zip or self-extracting.exe formats, others in ASCII format;
Employment and Average Annual Pay for Large Counties employment and average annual pay for 1996 and 1995-1996 percentage changes for large counties; data available in ASCII format;
WebEc Economics Data one of the best and complete economics data links including data on both international and domestic data categorized by area and country; various data formats, some data available as ASCII,Excel and other convenient format; others available as print-out tables;
Economic Statistics Briefing Room links to the most currently available values of Federal economic indicators on 8 categories; data available as ASCII files; 
Bill Goffe's Resources for Economists data for U.S. and regional economies; links to many other U.S. data sites; links to world/non-U.S. data; data available in different forms depending on source; 
The Connecticut Economic Information System data on employment and labor force, demographic and social statistics; exports, the growth of economy and other economic indicators; data available in excel format;
International Trade Data
world trade data including trade, employment and output data for 450 U.S. manufacturing industries from 1958-1986 for all variables; data available in ASCII format;
Yahoo! Finance stock quotes & other data on financial market; data downloadable in spreadsheet format;
Regional Economic Information System Local area economic data for states, counties and metropolitan areas for 1969-1996; data available in excel file;
Financial Data Finder links to historical data and quotes on banks, derivatives, equity, exchanges, fixed income, investment, real estate, etc; data available in printed-out table or ASCII file;
Damodaran Online This page provides information on how to collect data from a variety of sources; it also allows you to look at and download a number of data sets that you might find useful in corporate finance and valuation; data available in downloadable format; 

 2. Links to Other Social Science Data
Databases on Labor and Agriculture databases include data on U.S. population series; labor  force data by all kinds of categories; data of the rural agricultural workforce by sex and by age-group, by county at census dates from 1800-1900;A lot of categorical data available; data available in both ASCII and Excel format;
Crime Statistics Links links to historical crime statistics; crime statistics for a city/county as a single unit; crime statistics for  a state as a single unit; crime statistics for the entire US and international crime statistics; data available as both HTML and Microsoft Excel version;
Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts
crime and justice data containing thousands of numbers and hundreds of categories, displayed by jurisdiction and over time; data presented in spreadsheets in .wk1 format; convenient to use with analytic software;
Yale Social Science Data Archive
links to a lot of social science survey data;  data provided within extract and analysis systems and/or in downloadable formats;
Social Statistics Briefing Room
access to current Federal social statistics; links to the most currently available values of the estimates for the indicators on crime statistics; demographic statistics; education statistics and health statistics; data available as ASCII formats;
Survey Documentation & Analysis data on national omnibus surveys; racial attitudes and prejudice; health surveys; US census microdata and data for testing; data available in ASCII format;
Online Data Archive a complete social science data archive for use in social science research; data are free to download;
Yahoo Social Science Data Archive
links to all kinds of data archives data available in different kinds of formats;
Social Sciences Data Collection (SSDC) links to all kinds of social sciences data data available in different kinds of formats; some data have access restrictions;

3. Links to Sports Data
The Sports Data Page
links collected to help students and instructors find current & archived sports data; data available in printed-out tables
World Wide Web of Sports
links to all kinds of sports sites; powerful search engines to locate the datafile of interest; data available in printed-out tables

4. Data about the entertainment industry
Internet Movie Database Very extensive information about movies, including revenues, budgets, etc.;  data available in printed-out tables;
Playbill On-Line Information about the Broadway theatre, including Broadway grosses (and discount tickets!)   data available in printed-out tables;

5. Links to Comprehensive Data
Regional Statistics links to more than 70 federal agencies with regional statistics on agriculture; demographic and economic; crime; education; energy and environment; health; labor and national accounts;etc;  data available in compressed ASCII files;
International OECD Statistics links to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development statistics on agriculture; demographic and economic; crime; education; energy and environment; health;  some data available in Excel and ASCII files; others as printed-out tables
The Santa Fe Time Series Competition Data
6 time series data sets including: Laser generated data;Physiological data;Currency exchange rate data; Computer generated data; Astrophysical data and J.S. Bach's last fugue; data available only in ASCII format;
Center for International Earth Science Information Network data resources including archive of census related products; China dimensions data collection; environmental treaty texts; gridded population of the world, etc; data usually available in ASCII format;
NOAA National Data Centers
links to weather-related data categorized as Climate; Geophysical; Oceanographic; Radar and Satellite;  data available as downloadable format;
Data Archives
complete links to all kinds of online data archives; data available in different forms depending on source;
Ready Reference Internet Resources Statistics
comprehensive data site which has links to general index sites; U.S. census; economic data; international data; population data and other statistics by subject; data available in different kinds of formats;

6. Links to Data for Teaching Statistics
The Dataset and Story Library (DASL)
provides data from a wide variety of topics that illustrate the use of basic statistics method; data may be searched by data subjects or by statistical techniques; data available in ASCII format;
Exploring Data  http://curriculum.qed.
an excellent collection of links and resources for teaching an introductory level course; Datasets support the activities,worksheets, assessment and articles in the Exploring Data Web site; data available in three formats-Excel 4.0, NCSS Jr. 6.0 and Tab Delimited;
Statistical Instruction Internet Palette (SIIP)  http://research.ed.asu.
a site includes one of the fullest and nicest collections of links to WWW data sources at Dr. B's Wide World of Web data data available in ASCII format;
Statistics on the Web
links to more general statistical resources on the web, with a good section related to teaching statistics.
Juha Puranen's Statistics Education links
links to many statistical teaching resources on the web.

This page was created by Lan Ma and Jeffrey S. Simonoff.