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    My research spans across the fields of Applied Macro, Productivity, Financial Intermediation, Spatial Economics, and Industrial Organization;

    I investigate the interconnected dynamics among firms within the economic landscape, exploring the relationships between their production, input demands, pricing strategies, innovation endeavors, and financing decisions.

    A distinctive feature of my research is the blend of rich micro-level data and quantitative modeling. This approach helps identify the primitives forces and market frictions that influence firms' policies and understand their ripple effects on aggregate outcomes and on the spatial distribution of economic activity.

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    Working Papers [Top]

    Propagation and Amplification of Local Productivity Spillovers (with X. Giroud, Q. Maingi, & H. Mueller)

    R&R Econometrica (2nd round)
    [Abstract]   [Online appendix]   [Voxeu Article]   Cite

    Financial Shocks, Productivity, and Prices (with D. Rivers & J. Tielens)

    R&R Review of Economic Studies
    [Abstract]   Cite

    Zombie Lending and Policy Traps (with V. Acharya & O. Wang)

    R&R Review of Economic Studies
    [Abstract]   [Voxeu Article]   Cite

    Anatomy of the Phillips Curve: Micro Evidence and Macro Implications (with L. Gagliardone, M. Gertler, & J. Tielens)

    R&R American Economic Review
    [Abstract]   [New York Times Article]   Cite

    Nonlinear Cost-Price Dynamics: Firm-level Evidence and Aggregate Consequences (with L. Gagliardone, M. Gertler, & J. Tielens)

    [Abstract]   Cite

    Sources and Implications of Resource Misallocation: New Evidence from Firm-Level Marginal Products and User Costs (with F. Manaresi)

    [Abstract]   [Appendix]   Cite

    The Cost and Shadow Cost of Capital (with F. Manaresi)

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    Publications [Top]

    Comment on "Trade and Diffusion of Embodied Technology: An Empirical Analysis"

    Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 137, July 2023, Pages 146-149.
    [Abstract]   Cite

    Sovereign Debt Exposure and the Bank Lending Channel: Impact on Credit Supply and the Real Economy (with F. Mezzanotti & M. Bottero)

    Journal of International Economics, Volume 126, September 2020: 103328.
    [Abstract]   [Ungated Version]   [Online appendix]   [Data and Code]   Cited by 204   Cite

    Pricing Genius - The Market Evaluation of Innovation (with D. Galenson)

    Journal of Applied Economics, Volume 19, Issue 2, November 2016, Pages 219-248.

    [Huffington Post Article] [Voxeu Article] [Business Insider Article]
    [Abstract]   Cited by 10   Cite

    Two Old Masters and a Young Genius: The Creativity of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Jean-Michel Basquiat (with D. Galenson)

    Journal of Cultural Economics, 47, 489-511 (2023).
    [Abstract]   Cited by 1   Cite

    Systemic Risk on Different Interbank Network Topologies (with G. Tedeschi)

    Physica A , Volume 391, Issue 18, 15 September 2012, Pages 4331-4341.
    (Largely based on my MS dissertation thesis)

    [Abstract]   Cited by 212   Cite

    Work in Progress [Top]

    Additive Firm's' Dynamics (with T. Philippon)

    Bank Deserts (with F. Manaresi & Mezzanotti)

    Selling Bad Loans (with M. Bottero, F. Mezzanotti, & GP. Parise)

    Teaching [Top]

    Foundations of Finance

    Lectures on Structural Methods for Economics and Finance