Johnson Mo

My name is Jingyuan (Johnson) Mo. I am currently a master's student in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies in mathematics at the University of Cambridge, I graduated with my first master's degree in Risk Management and Financial Engineering at Imperial College London, where I conducted research in the area of portfolio diversification in value at risk models under heavy-tailedness and dependence. My current research focus mainly involve risk management, derivative securities, credit risk, systemic risk, financial contagion, volatility modeling and their important applications in real-world financial and economic markets. However, I am also open to many other interesting topics in Finance. I decided to join NYU Stern for PhD studies because it offers me a wonderful opportunity to work with leading academic researchers in virtually every single area in Finance. During my leisure time, I enjoy traveling a lot. I have also been a pool and snooker player for 16 years.