German Gutierrez

I obtained a BSc and M.Eng in Operations Research Engineering at Cornell University. During my time at Cornell, I became attracted to academic research and worked as an undergraduate research assistant for nearly three years. My research included topics in simulation optimization, rare event simulation, and sequential decision-making under uncertainty. Upon graduating from Cornell, I joined Oliver Wyman - a leading management consultancy - where I have been advising financial institutions on a variety of pressing strategic issues, with a primary focus on Finance and Risk Management. I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Finance driven by a strong desire to better understand the world of Economics and Finance and to do academic research. My research interests are still broad but are mainly focused in the area of Macro-Finance. The prominence of Stern in this area, as well as the connectivity to the Financial Services industry from being in New York, are the main factors that made me choose Stern. I am a passionate traveller and have had the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and Africa over the past few years. I am also an avid meditator having completed multiple silent meditation retreats. I enjoy traveling, cooking, rock climbing and hiking - and use to breed and show dogs while in high school.