William J. Baumol





Chaos: Significance, Mechanism, and Economic Applications

William J. Baumol and Jess Benhabib


Communication: The Optimal Cash Balance Proposition: Maurice Allaisí Priority

William J. Baumol and James Tobin


Entrepreneurial Enterprises, Large Established Firms and Other Components of the

Free-Market Growth Machine

William J. Baumol


Further Opportunities for Cost Reduction of Medical Care

Monte Malach and William J. Baumol


Having Your Cake: How to Preserve Universal-Service Cross Subsidies While Facilitating Competitive Entry

William J. Baumol


Innovative Entrepreneurship and Policy: Toward Initiation and Preservation of Growth

William J. Baumol, Robert E. Litan, Carl J. Schramm, and Robert J. Strom


National Trade Conflicts Caused by Productivity Changes: The Analysis with Full Proofs

William J. Baumol and Ralph E. Gomory


On the Economics of Musical Composition in Mozartís Vienna

William J. Baumol and Hilda Baumol


On the Performing Arts: The Anatomy of Their Economic Problems

William J. Baumol and W.G. Bowen


On the Perils of Privatization

William J. Baumol


Optimal Departures from Marginal Cost Pricing

William J. Baumol and David F. Bradford


Scale Economies, Average Cost and the Profitability of Marginal Cost Pricing

William J. Baumol


Social Wants and Dismal Science: The Curious Case of the Climbing Costs of Health and Teaching

William J. Baumol


Speculation, Profitability, and Stability

William J. Baumol


The Transactions Demand for Cash: An Inventory Theoretic Approach

William J. Baumol


Trade, education, and innovation: Prospects for the U.S. economy

Ralph E. Gomorya and William J. Baumolb


Toward a Theory of Industrial Policy-Retainable Industries

Ralph E. Gomory and William J. Baumol


Toward a Theory of Public Enterprise

William J. Baumol


Use of Antitrust to Subvert Competition

William J. Baumol and Janusz A. Ordover