Yunchao Xu

Ph.D. Student in Operations Management

Department of Information, Operations and Management Sciences
Stern School of Business
New York University

Contact Information
Email: yxu4 [at]
Phone: (+1) 212-998-0767 (office)
Address: 44 West 4th Street, Room 8-152, New York, NY 10012

I am broadly interested in problems arising in health care industries. Since Summer 2014, I have been working with a group of physicians from Montefiore Medical Center on recommending rapid response team (RRT) composition and implementing Step-down Units (SDUs).

More recently, I have developed interests in strategic behaviors in health care settings.


Research Interests

  • Consumer-Driven Service Operations Management
  • Empirical Operations Management
  • Healthcare Operations Management

Journal Articles

On Withholding Capacity from Strategic Patients, Joint with Mor Armony and Nan Liu, Soon to be submitted to Management Science , 2018.

Tracking-Error Models for Multiple Benchmarks: Theory and Empirical Performance", Y. Xu, Z. Zheng, K. Natarajan, C.P. Teo., Working Paper, 2017.

The Impact of Adding Physician Assistants to a Rapid Response Team on ICU Time-to-Transfer: A Difference-in-Differences Approach, Yunchao Xu, Mor Armony, Carri W. Chan, Michelle N. Gong, Major revision in Naval Research Logistics, Special Issue in Health Care Operations Management, 2018.

The Impact of Opening a Medical Step-Down Unit on Medically Critically Ill Patient Outcomes and Throughput: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis, Hayley B. Gershengorn , Carri W. Chan, Yunchao Xu, Hanxi Sun, Mor Armony, Michelle N. Gong, Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, forthcoming.

The Impact of Adding a Physician Assistant to a Critical Care Outreach Team, Hayley B. Gershengorn , Yunchao Xu, Carri W. Chan, Mor Armony, Michelle N. Gong, PLOS ONE, Dec. 2016.



Operations Management (undergraduate), NYU Stern, 2016.

  • Instructor evaluation: 6.8/7. Course evaluation: 6.8/7
  • Received Dean's Letter for Commendation for Teaching Excellence

Teaching Assistant

Operations Management (undergraduate, graduate), NYU Stern (several times).


  • Ph.D Candidate, Operations Management, New York University, 2013-present
  • B.Sc. with First-class Honours, Mathematics, National University of Singapore, 2008-2012
  • Study Abroad, College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University, Spring 2011

Honors and Awards

  • NYU Stern PhD Dean's Fellowship, 2017-2018
  • NYU Stern Doctoral Fellowship, 2013-2018
  • Dean's Letter for Commendation for Teaching Excellence, Summer 2016
  • Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship, 2007-2012


  • Hobbies: Photography; Squash; Swimming