All the code below, unless otherwise stated, is released as free software under the terms of the GPL.

oyepa: a tagging file system (or a higher-level implementation thereof). Allows easy organization (and retrieval) of your documents through the use of tags.

libtrash: the complete and feature-rich trash can for GNU/Linux.

xmonad workspaces applet: a simple GNOME panel applet for use with xmonad that lists which workspaces are currently visible

tag-not-ed: a primitive tool for managing a large collection of text files

newdocms: a new document management system.

tesh: a console TExt SHell written in Python

litetrash: a light-weight trash can for some UNIX systems.

getattached.perl: a simple Perl script which allows you to automate the retrieval of email attachments from POP3 accounts and immediately deletes those messages.

pgsearch: a Perl script which allows you to (remotely) search all etexts available at Project Gutenberg's site.

Manuel Arriaga - Email me at marriaga followed by @ stern . nyu . edu