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This page contains links to spreadsheets, webcasts, apps and online tools that you may find useful in your practice of corporate finance and valuation. The spreadsheets and webcasts are mine and are derivations of what I use in my classes. The app, uValue, is a joint project with Professor Anant Sundaram at Dartmouth, with Anant providing almost all of the innovative and much of the hard work in keeping it updated. The online tools are the latest addition and while I wish I could claim that I developed these tools, I did not. They were developed by Eran Ben Horin and his very capable team and are built around using online data to compute portfolio theory-based measures (betas, standard deviations, Fama French factors etc.). They are neat and provide you with a chance to estimate parameters that we have had to depend on services to do for us.

Online Tools

The following is a list of online tools developed by Eran Ben Horin and his team. They draw on online data to make their estimates for almost any publicly traded stock globally:

  1. Calculate the beta for a stock
  2. Calculate the standard deviation for a stock
  3. Compute an efficient frontier


As some of you who have been on my website know, I have been posting my valuation and corporate finance spreadsheets (in excel) online for almost two decades. The handful of spreadsheets that I started with have sprouted and grown to the point of unmanageability. I have categorized the main spreadsheets below:

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Valuation
  3. Real Options

You can find the full list of spreadsheeets by clicking on this link.


Starting three years ago, I have been making short webcasts on valuation tools and corporate finance practice. Most of these webcasts are built around real companies and are about 10-15 minutes apiece. They are categorized into three groups:

  1. Corporate Finance in Practice
  2. Valuation Tools
  3. Valuations (Examples with real companies)

You can find the full lists of webcasts by clicking here.


The uValue app that Professor Anant Sundaram and I developed is for Apple devices. The iPad and iPhone versions of uValue are on in the Apple app store. Unfortunately, we don't have an Android version and no immediate plans to develop one.

  1. uValue for iPad
  2. uValue Mobile for iPhone

The website for the app is available here.