I joined City University of New York as an associate professor of Operations Management in Fall 2020. Prior to that I was an assistant professor of Operations Management at New York University in 2011-2018. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University in 2010.
You can contact me via email.

Research Interests

  • Areas of Interest: Online Marketplaces, Ridesharing, Matching and Search Markets
  • Methodologies: Mathematical Programming, Stochastic and Online Optimization, Matching and Search Theory

Journal Papers

  • Minimum Earnings Regulation and the Stability of Marketplaces,
    with I. Lobel and G. van Ryzin.
    Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2022.

  • Ranking an Assortment of Products Via Sequential Submodular Optimization,
    with R. Niazadeh, A. Saberi, and A. Shameli.
    Operations Research, 2022.

  • Large-Scale Bundle Size Pricing: A Theoretical Analysis,
    with T. Abdallah and J. Reed.
    Operations Research, 2021.

  • Online Resource Allocation with Limited Flexibility,
    with X. Wang and J. Zhang.
    Management Science, 2020.

  • Concise Bid Optimization Strategies with Multiple Budget Constraints,
    with M. Bateni, K. Bhawalkar, and V. Mirrokni.
    Management Science, 2019.

  • An O(log n / log log n)-approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem,
    with M. X. Goemans, A. Madry, S. Oveis Gharan, and A. Saberi.
    Operations Research, 2017.

  • Maximizing Stochastic Monotone Submodular Functions,
    with H. Nazerzadeh.
    Management Science, 2016.

  • Santa claus Meets Hypergraph Matchings,
    with U. Feige and A. Saberi.
    Transactions on Algorithms, 2012.

  • An Approximation Algorithm for Max-min Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods,
    with A. Saberi.
    SIAM Jounal on Computing, 2010.

Working Papers

  • Extreme Value Theory and The Single Item Dynamic Pricing Problem,
    with T. Abdallah and J. Reed.
    (Presentation in INFORMS 2019 by Tarek Abdallah.)

  • Regulating Minimum Wage in Ridesharing,
    with A. Shourideh and M. Saeedi.

  • A Smoother Driver Pay Mechanism,
    with D. Freund and G. van Ryzin.
    (Presentation in INFORMS 2019.)

  • Shared Rides Sustainability.
    with D. Freund and T. Jehl.

  • Matching Markets: Equilibrium, Homophily and Mixing,
    with D. Acemoglu, C. Borgs, J. Chayes, and A. Saberi.

Refereed Conference Papers