Getting started in Valuation

If you have never done valuation before, you can try this self-study plan.

Step 1: Accounting statements represent the raw material that we use to value company. Get a handle on the basics of financial statements before you start doing valuation.

Step 2: Discounted cash flow valuation is just glorified present value. Might as well get the computational details nailed down before you go further.

Step 3: There are several options that you have depending upon how much time you have available and how much corporate finance you want to get your hands around:

Option 1: The "I have all the time in the world" plan
Go to classes and click on the valuation class
Print off the lecture notes for the whole class
Watch all 26 webcasts for the class

Option 2: The " I have some time but not that much" plan
Go to classes and click on the executive valuation class
Print off this executive version of the lecture notes
Watch the webcasts from the executive valuation class

Option 3: The "I really have no time for this" plan
Print off this really short version of the lecture notes
Watch these podcasts summarizing the topic