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I was late to discovering the joys of podcasts, and am still only a light user of the medium. That said, I have had the pleasure of being an invited guest on the podcasts of people that I like and enjoy listening to, and I have listed some of the podcasts below. A note of warning! I say nothing profound during these podcasts and I do repeat myself, but if you find these podcasts enjoyable, you should credit the interviewers, not me.

Podcast/Host Date Link
Google Talks (1) 2/17/15
Barry Ritholtz 1028/16
Google Talks (2) 5/11/17
Meb Faber 5/10/19
Scott Galloway (1) 3/19/20
Scott Galloway (2) 1/28/21

Vivek Bajaj 4/15/22
William Green 4/25/22

Pat O'Shaugnessy 5/30/22
Tom Gardner 9/11/22
Jack Farley 9/22/22
Preet Bharara 11/30/22
Scott Galloway (3) 12/1/22