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Welcome to my teaching page. This page contains links to much of the teaching that I do, in the classroom, online and in external venues.

  1. Philosophy: Contrary to the widely-used insult, I don't teach because I cannot do. I teach because I love teaching.
  2. Regular Classes: Semester-long (15 weeks, 26 sessions of 80 minutes each) classes in Corporate Finance and Valuation.
  3. Executive Classes: Shorter executive programs (2-3 days) in corporate finance and valuation.
  4. Online Classes: Classes specifically designed for an online audience, with shorter sessions and self-tests.
  5. Seminars/sessions: Classes that I teach globally that range from 30 minutes to 3 days on a variety of topics and to diverse audiences.
  6. Other: Anything that I cannot fit into the above slots.
I teach my MBA valuation class, twice a year in the Fall and the Spring, and my Corporate Finance class, once a year in the Fall. You are welcome to be part of an ongoing class and partake as much as you can.