What's New?
My proposal on "Examining the Synergetic Effects among Multi-Channel Branding Campaigns" has been accepted by Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI)! (with Foster Provost, Ori Stitelman, and Brian Dalessandro), 2012-2013.
I am teaching an undergraduate core course on "Information Technology in Business & Society" at Stern NYU in Summer 2012.
I will be joining Carnegie Mellon University as an Assistant Professor in 2012 Fall. Dear Pitts, I am coming!
I won the Best Paper Award for WWW 2011, Hyderabad, India, March 31, 2011. (Co-authored with Anindya Ghose and Panos Ipeirotis)
I am going to present my paper at the ICIS 2010, St. Louis, Dec 15-18th 2010.
I am going to present a demo at the Day 1: Technology Expo, at New York University. Nov 29th 2010.
I presented at the 10th Anniversary for Department of Information, Operations & Management Science (IOMS), Stern School of Business, NYU. October 29th, 2010.
I presented at the New York Academy of Sciences, for the New York Computer Science and Economics Day. World Trade Center, New York, Oct 2010.
I passed my breadth qualify exams! June 2010.
Time flies......
I went to Microsoft Research at Redmond, WA, for a summer internship with Ms. Carolyn Johnston as my mentor in the Local Search Group. (6/24/2008 - 8/29/2008)