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If you did find the valuation seminar useful, I do have more work for you. In this page, I have links to spreadsheets containing all of the companies we valued during the sessions. Feel free to download them, examine them, change the inputs that you don't like and make them your own. I have also posted links to data that was updated during the session that you may want to use.


Company Valuation Readings

Valuation of Amgen

Valuing companies with intangible assets
Tata Motors
Valuation of Tata Motors
Valuing emerging market companies
Valuation of Uber (June 2014)
Valuation of Uber - Gurley version (July 2014)
Valuation of Uber (Dec 2014)
Blog post on Uber (6/2014)
Build your own Uber value (12/2014)
Valuation of Amazon - 2000
Valuation of Amazon - 2001
Valuing young and start-up companies
Hormel Foods
Status Quo Value
Optimal Value
Optimal Capital Structure
The Value of Control
Valuation of Sears - 2008 Valuing declining & distressed companies
Las Vegas Sands
Valuation of LVS - 2009 Valuing declining & distressed companies
Goldman Sachs
Valuation of GS - 2008 Valuing financial service companies
Deutsche Bank

Valuation of Deutsche Bank

Valuing financial service companies
Valuation of Toyota (2009) Valuing commodity & cyclical companies
Exxon Mobil
Valuation of Exxon (2009) Valuing commodity & cyclical companies
United Technologies
Valuation of UT (2009) Valuing the Octopus
Kristin's Kandy

Valuation of Kristin's Kandy

Valuing private businesses

DCF Inputs

Topic Read this... Try this out Data to review..
Rskfreee Rates
  1. Estimating the Riskfree Rate
  2. What is nothing is risk free?
  1. Sovereign Ratings - January 2022
  2. Sovereign CDS Spreads - January 2022
Equity Risk Premiums
  1. The Equity Risk Premium (ERP): Determinants, Estimation and Implications: The 2022 Edition
  2. What if risk premia change?

Implied premium calculator

  1. Historical Risk Premiums: US
  2. Implied ERP from 1960 to today: US
  3. Country Risk Premiums
Betas and Lambdas Measuring Company Risk Exposure to Country Risk (Lambda) Levered Beta Estimator

Betas by Sector
- US
- Europe
- Emerging Markets
- Global

Cash Flows
  1. Debt, leases and value
  2. R&D and value
Lease converter
R&D converter
Lease effect on parameters by sector
Expected Growth
  1. The Origins of Growth
  2. Measuring accounting returns: ROIC, ROC and ROE
Growth Estimator
Historical growth rates by sector: US
Fundamental growth rates by sector: US
Terminal Value
Terminal Value: The Tail that wags the DCF Dog? Imputed ROIC in terminal value  


Value Enhancement

Topic Read this... Try this out
Value Enhancement: Big Picture

Value Enhancement: Back to the Future

Valuing control

Valuing synergy

Optimizing capital structure
Optimizing the mix of debt and equity
Finding the right type of financing
Optimium financing mix calculator
Buyback Effects
Assessing the effect of a buyback (blog post) Buyback effect on value
Buyback effect on EPS

Loose Ends in Valuation

Topic Read this... Try this out
The value of cash and cross holdings

Valuing cash and cross holdings

The cost of complexity
Information Transparency and Value Complexity score estimator
The value of synergy

Valuing Synergy

Synergy valuation spreadsheet
The cost of distress
Valuing Distressed companies Distress probability estimator
The cost of illiquidity
Cost of Illiquidity Liquidity discount estimator
The value of control

Valuing Control

Control valuation spreadsheet
Management options and restricted stock
Dealing with Employee compensation in equity Valuing management options

Following up on DCF Valuation

  1. Picking the right model to value a business/company
  2. Probabilistic approaches in valuation (A guide to distributions, in case you decide to use Monte Carlo Simulations)
  3. Ten closing thoughts on valuation

Relative Valuation

Topic Sector Data Try this out
Earnings Multiples

PE Ratios by Sector
EV/EBITDA Multiples by Sector

Intrinsic Equity Multiple Estimator

Intrinsic Firm Value Multiple Estimator
Book Value Multiples

Book Value Multiples by Sector

Revenue Multiples

Revenue Multiples by Sector


Real Options

Topic Sector Data Try this out
Real options

Opportunities are not options

  1. equity.xls
  2. natres.xls
  3. project.xls

Reference Reading

Menu Items
The Little Book of Valuation

Description of book
Website for book

Applied Corporate Finance (Third Edition)

Description of book
Website for book

The Dark Side of Valuation (Second Edition) Description of book
Website for book
Damodaran on Valuation (Second Edition) (Wiley) Description
Web Site for book (Beta version)

Web Site for book

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