Getting started in Investments

We have all invested before, but if you have never thought systematically about investments and portfolio management, here are a few suggestions:

Step 1: Get a grasp of basic valuation issues (I apologize for the loopback). You cannot invest without understanding what drives value.

Step 2: Statistics may seem like an odd discipline to draw on but picking a few stocks from thousands is really an exercise in statistics. Might as well get your statistical roots grounded..

Step 3: I do not teach a portfolio management class and I am not sure whether I should be happy or depressed about that. Consequently, I have fewer options for you:

Option 1: The " I really want to undetstand portfolio management" plan:
Go to classes and click on investment philosophies class
Print off the lecture notes for the class

Option 2: The " I just want to make money" plan
Go to classes and click on the shorter versiion of lecture notes