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Why Restoring Investors’ Trust in Managers is Now Critical

Capital markets during the first decade of the 21st century were a hostile territory for investors.  From the debacles of Enron and WorldCom early in the decade to the collapse of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Countrywide Financial at its end, and from the vanished investments in dotcoms and high techs in 2000 to the massive losses of funds sunk into stocks, subprime mortgages and commercial real estate, equity investors suffered mightily. Many corporate managers meanwhile enjoyed ever-increasing, sometimes detached-from-performance compensation, some even abusing stock option grants and helping themselves to outrageous perks and golden parachutes, all enabled by complacent, often incompetent directors.  Investors’ disillusionment, ire and loss of trust in corporate leaders were the inevitable outcome. 

“Distinguished professor Baruch Lev has combined over two decades of research into what drives corporate value in today’s capital markets with his keen knowledge of investor issues to produce a must-read for CEOs and senior corporate managers—and a bible for investor relations officers.”
Lou Thompson, former President and CEO, National Investor Relations Institute; Fellow, Governance & Accountability Institute

“Baruch Lev goes where no academic has gone before, offering practitioners well-reasoned counsel for how to communicate with Wall Street. He combines war stories, research, and opinion to present a framework for how CEOs, CFOs, and Audit Committee chairs should configure a firm’s financial reporting practices, capital structure, dividend policy, corporate governance, and executive compensation to accomplish business goals.”     
Tom King, Treasurer, Progressive Insurance; author, More than a Numbers Game: A Brief History of Accounting

Winning Investors Over offers solutions for managers who face difficult questions from investors about financial performance. Based on scholarly research in accounting, finance, and economics, Baruch Lev’s advice is both practical and practicable.”   
Katherine Schipper, Thomas F. Keller Professor, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University; former member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) 

“Baruch Lev has a deep understanding of the intersection between shareholders and managers and offers timely, insightful, and practical guidance for anyone who wishes to succeed in managing investor expectations.
Richard Passov, Vice President and Treasurer, Pfizer Inc.

“There has never been a shortage of gurus, wise and otherwise, who presume to advise corporate executives on how to manage their companies' financials. Baruch Lev brings something unique to this literature: advice based on solid empirical research from diverse fields—often augmented by Professor Lev himself—served up in clear, engaging prose. An instant classic.”
Gene Epstein, Economics and Books Editor, Barron’s
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