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Intangible Assets: Values, Measures and Risks, Oxford University Press, 2003. J Hand and B. Lev (eds.)

This book is the first comprehensive, scientifically-based study of the nature and impact of intangibles. Translated to six languages. "Investors won't want to miss the 'systematic undervaluation of Intangibles' section." (Barron's 12/13/04).
Other Publications:
B Lev, Intangibles: Management, Measurement and Reporting, The Brookings Institution Press, 2001.  This book has been so for translated to Japanese, Korean, Chinese (two translations), Italian, Spanish and Russian.

B. Lev, Financial Statement Analysis:  A New Approach (Englewood Cliffs, NJ:  Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1974).  Reviewed in the Journal of Business (July 1975), 456-58;  The Accounting Review (July 1975), 636-38;  The Journal of Finance (June 1977), 958-61.  This book has been translated into Japanese, Spanish, and Korean.

B. Lev, Accounting and Information Theory (Illinois:  American Accounting Association, 1969).  Reviewed in The Accounting Review (January 1971), 223-24.
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