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Beibei Li

Ph.D Candidate  
Information Systems Group  
Department of Information, Operations & Management Sciences  
Leonard N. Stern School of Business  
New York University  

I am now an Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Management at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College.

My research specialty concentrates on studying the economics of information technology using inter-disciplinary approaches combining econometrics, structural modeling, Bayesian modeling and randomized field experiments, with crowd-sourcing, human computation and machine learning techniques like text mining, sentiment analysis and image classification. More specifically, I am interested in online social media and search engine marketing. My PhD dissertation research focuses on examining how information created in various social media channels affect the online market. In particular, I am studying how such effect may change the economic decisions and marketing strategies of online search engines, and how the design of different search mechanisms on search engines may influence the subsequent behavior of market players (e.g., firms and consumers) and the consequences in market efficiency. For more information, here is my CV.

Office Address:
  Kaufman Management Center , Room 8-186 D
  44 West 4th Street
  New York, NY 10012
Phone:  +1-212-998-0559
E-mail: bli@Stern.nyu.edu
Homepage: http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~bli
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