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Executive Committee - Fall 2017

The Executive Committee of MPSIF consists of: the faculty advisor, the President of MPSIF, the portfolio managers (or co-managers) for each sub-fund and others that may be designated by the Advisory Board or Executive Committee.

For Spring 2017, the MPSIF Executive Committee includes

Mohnish Zaveri mz1894@stern.nyu.edu G President
Simon Walenski sfw276@stern.nyu.edu G PM
William Li wl1618@stern.nyu.edu G PM
Xiaohua Liu (Levin) xiaohua.liu@stern.nyu.edu S PM
Diven Sharma ds5161@stern.nyu.edu S PM
Jieli Diao jd3629@stern.nyu.edu V PM
Neville Commissariat nvc214@stern.nyu.edu V PM
Ugur Yegan uy224@stern.nyu.edu V PM - FI
Anthony Marciano amarcian@stern.nyu.edu Faculty Advisor