PhD Students

The following are people that I have advised, when they were PhD students:

Lai Jiang
Joan Farre-Mensa
Hong Luo
Chloe Tergiman (T)
Anna Ingster
Matthew Grennan
Ali Yurukoglu

(T) indicates a teaching reference.

Seminar Attendance:

If you are a PhD student, regularly attending a seminar series is a central element of learning to be an effective researcher. Seminars expose you to the frontier of research in your field and also give you an idea of the faculty working in your area. If you are in your first year you should go to a seminar whenever you can (accepting that your time will mostly be taken up with coursework). Sample across several feilds. If you are in your second year you should be going to at least one seminar a week. In the third year and beyond, you shoud be attending at least one seminar a week, and presenting every six months.

Research Seminars at NYU:
IO Seminar, Friday Micro Brown Bag Seminar, Applied Micro, Econometrics, Theory, Marketing, Finance, Management