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There is no single template that works for the project. I have seen great projects take different forms. Some use conventional text, with tables and numbers inserted at the right places and some use powerpoint presentations.The key is to take the numbers that you have for your company and write a narrative about what the company does well or badly. I have some examples of past projects that have done that well (but please don't just replicate their formats) as well as the summaries of findings from prior classes.

Sample Project Reports

These are a few sample group project reports from past semesters. They are in pdf format, and you need Adobe Acrobat to read them. They illustrate the diversity of the companies analyzed and the ways in which different groups answered the same questions.

  1. An Analysis of the Travel Industry
  2. An Analysis of the Beverage Industry
  3. An Analysis of the Healthcare Industry
  4. An Analysis of Entertainment Companies
  5. An Analysis of Food Companies

Summaries of project analyses: Previous classes

Project Summaries 

Spring 2000 analyses
Spring 2001 analyses
Spring 2002 analyses
Spring 2003 analyses
Spring 2004 analysis

Spring 2005 analysis
Fall 2006 analysis
Spring 2007 analysis
Spring 2008 analysis
Spring 2009 analysis
Spring 2010 analysis
Spring 2011 analysis
Spring 2012 analysis

Spring 2013 analysis
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Spring 2016 analysis
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