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weekly puzzles


This page will carry the weekly challenges from each week of the corporate finance and equity classes this semester.

 Week & Topic
Corporate Finance Puzzle #1

Stakeholders versus Stockholders

  1. The Business Roundtable Statement on Stakeholders
  2. My blog post on stockholders versus stakeholder wealth maximization

The set up & questions

Corporate Finance Puzzle #2

Activist Investors

  1. My (old) blog post on activist investing
  2. My post on Softbank after the WeWork fiasco
  3. News story on Elliott Management targeting Softbank

The set up & questions

To diversify or not to diversify?

  1. The Case for Diversification (Markowitz)
  2. The Case for Concentration
  3. The Behavioral Evidence on Investor Behavior
  4. My blog post on whether to diversify

The set up & questions

How risk averse are you?

  1. As stocks gyrate, it is time to measure your risk tolerance.
  2. Measuring your risk aversion

The set up & questions