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Corporate finance is (or should be) at the core of business education everywhere (and I am not being biased). It is the true big picture class, drawing on accounting, statistics, economics and every management discipline to develop the first principles that should govern decision making within any business, small and large, public and private and across all markets. I should not be playing favorites, but I love teaching this class and I hope it shows. This is the entry page for my semester-long corporate finance class, composed of 26 sessions. You can find almost everything you need in this page, either in the pull down menu above or in the menu below.

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Master List for the Class: Google Shared Spreadsheet
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I do not require a book for this class, but if you are flush with cash and can afford it, the best book for this class is my applied corporate finance book. The latest edition of the book, which ties in most closely with the notes is the fourth edition:


If you cannot afford the book, don't worry. You will be perfectly okay with the free material online.