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The cost of capital
This is a series of sessions that I did specifically on the estimation of the cost of capital. It includes webcasts, tools and useful datasets
Teaching Effectiveness Seminar This is an annual seminar that I have been teaching every year for the last twenty years to business school faculty around the world. It is the only session that I do on the craft of teaching, what I have learned in my thirty years of teaching and what I wish I had known at the time that I started. Webcast
Price and Value This is a session that I did in Seattle in 2014 for the CFA Conference. It is about the difference between the value and price processes and why the two may yield very different numbers. You can watch the AIMR webcast and review the presentation. Webcast
Numbers and Narratives This is a class about the valuation of businesses - publicly traded and private. It is a 26-session full semester class for MBAs. Webcast
The Dark Side of Valuation This is a keynote I delivered on what I termed the Bermuda triangle of valuation (bias, complexity and uncertainty) and why good sense often disappears in that triangle. YouTube