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Web Casts: Executive Corporate Finance - January 2016


This six session corporate finance class was taped in January 2016. You can get the supporting lecture notes by clicking on the pdf files below - the pages covered by each lecture are provided next to each lecture. The quality of the video and audio leaves much to be desired but it will get better over time. For the syllabus and other details, visit the home page for the class. This page will include the webcasts from the current class and clicking on the link below will allow you to print off the lecture notes that are used for this class.

  1. Lecture notes for these sessions
  2. Project Workbook (used extensively through the sessions)
Session (Click here) Topics covered Lecture notes

Session 1a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)


Corporate Finance: First Principles
The Objective in Corporate Finance
The Classical Objective Function
  1. Lecture note packet: 1 -11

Session 1b

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)


What can go wrong?
Conflict of interest
Corporate Governance
Assessing where the power lies

  1. Lecture note packet: 11-23

Session 2a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

Defining Risk
Risk and return models in finance
  1. Project Workbook
  2. Lecture note packet: 23-41

Session 2b

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

Equity Risk Premium for US
Equity Risk Premiums Globally

  1. Lectue note packet: 42-52

Session 3a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

ERP for a company
The Beta Regression: Alpha and Beta
The Beta Regression: R-squared
A service beta estimate (Bloomberg)

  1. Lecture note packet: 53-68

Session 3b

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

Determinants of betas
Bottom up Betas
  1. Lecture note packet: 68-90

Session 4a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

Estimating betas for private businesses
Cost of debt and capital
First steps in investment analysis
  1. Lecture note packet: 91-120

Session 4b (Last five minutes lost)

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)
From earnings to cash flows
From cash flows to incremental cash flows
Time weighting cash flows
Dealing with uncertainty in investment analysis
Currency invariance
  1. Lecture note packet: 121-145

Session 5a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)
Side costs/benefits in investment analysis
Debt versus Equity: The difference & trade off
Cost of capital approach
  1. Lecture note packet: 146-164

Session 5b

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)

Optimizing the debt mix
From actual to optimal: Finding a path
The right debt for your company

  1. Lecture note packet: 165-200

Session 6a

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)
Facts about dividends
Assessing actual versus potential dividends
  1. Lecture note packet: 201-236

Session 6b (First few minutes missing)

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Audio (downloadable)
Valuation Basics
Connective value to corporate finance decisions
  1. Lecture note packet: 237-End