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Teaching Cases

Teachers are welcome to use these cases as long as they do not charge students for them. One option would be to put links to this site into an on-line syllabus.

Bob Knowlton at Simmons Laboratories
Bob Knowlton at Simmons Securities
The Sandhogs
The Sandhogs continued
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Assorted Publications

Camping on seesaws: Prescriptions for a self-designing organization
Organizations as action generators
To avoid organizational crises, unlearn (22 MB pdf)
Executives perceptual filters: What they notice and how they make sense
Theory building in industrial and organizational psychology

Challenger: Fine-tuning the odds until something breaks
Learning by knowledge-intensive firms
Strategizing realistically in competitive environments
Keeping a butterfly and an elephant in a house of cards: The elements of exceptional success
Addendum concerning Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz
On behalf of naivete
How organizations channel creativity
Opening Pandora's box: Studying the accuracy of managers' perceptions
Organizational information and knowledge
Ancient Chinese theories of control
Trying to help S & Ls: How organizations with good intentions jointly enacted disaster
Unlearning ineffective or obsolete technologies
Distrust in dependence: The ancient challenge of superior-subordinate relations
Where are organizational cultures going?

Learning from extreme cases (slide show)
How organizations learn from success and failure (slide show)

Is Janus the god of understanding? (slide show)

Some of My Photos

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Fussy Professor Starbuck's Cookbook of Handy-Dandy Prescriptions for Ambitious Academic Authors

Citations of Journals Related to Business

What the numbers mean
Impact rankings in 2007
(Please be patient. This is a large file.)
Forecasts of the Impact Ratings in 2009 (This is also a large file.)
Rising and Falling Stars from 2002-2007
Top business-research journals as selected by Trieschmann, Dennis, Northcraft, and Niemi (2000)
Top journals in industrial-organizational psychology, assessed by Zickar and Highhouse (2001)
Journal ranking in economics and management, assessed by the French National Committee for Scientific Research (2004)
Journals in ergonomics and human factors, assessed by Dul and Karwowski (2004)
Western Ontario’s Bibliography of articles about journal rankings

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