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Investment Philosophies
  1. Introduction to Investing
  2. A venture capital fund's investment philosophy
  3. A growth newsletter's invstment philosophy
  1. What is risk?
  2. A Measure of Risk Tolerance
  3. Operating Risk as a Measure of Risk
  4. Market Risk and Time Horizon
  5. Investors must recall risk
  6. New Definitions of Risk
  7. Diversification matters
  8. Can you diversify and pick stocks at the same time?
  9. What makes your stock price go up or down?
  10. A contrary view on betas
  11. Margin for Safety.. An alternative to beta?
Accounting Statements
  1. Measuring Earnings
  2. The Content of an Annual Report
  3. Low Points in Accounting History
  4. R& D's effects on earnings
  5. Smoothing Earnings
  6. Is this debt?
  7. One-time Write off?
  8. The Accounting Black Box
  9. The Practices of Five Companies: GE, Coke, AIG, Williams and IBM
  10. Warnings Signs in Earnings Reports
The Basics of Valuation
  1. The Dividend Discount Model
  2. The dividend yield matters....
  3. Microsoft faces a call to pay dividends
Trading and Taxes
  1. The Effect of Online Trading
  2. Turnover Ratios and Trading Costs
  3. Mutual Fund Expenses
  4. The Tax Efficiency of Funds
  5. Minimizing the Tax Effects of Fund Distributions
  6. The Cost of Trading
  7. Bid-Ask Spreads in the OTC Market
Market Efficiency
  1. Biases in testing performance at mutual funds
  2. Survivor Bias in Mutual funds
  3. On-paper versus Real Returns: The Value Line lesson
Technical Analysis and Charting
  1. Basics of Technical Analysis
  2. Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Numbers
Value Investing
  1. Market Markdowns offer opportunties
  2. The Effects of Hostile Takeovers
  3. The Effects of Spinoffs
  4. The Restructuring of Chase
  5. GM: A Restructuring Candidate
Growth Investing
  1. Myths about valuing technology stocks
  2. Peter Lynch on growth stocks
  3. Venture Capital Secrets
  4. Cashing out from a venture capital investment
Information Trading
  1. The Effect of Information: The Case of Insider Trades
Market Timing
  1. The Importance of Asset Allocation
  2. The Cost of Being Out of the Market
  3. Mutual Fund Cash Positions
  4. Market Volatility and Market Timing
  5. Greenspan on Market Timing
  6. A Poll of Money Managers
  7. Market Neutral Mutual Funds
  8. A Warning on the Market
  9. A Technical Warning on the Market
  10. Is the market's PE too high?
  11. Why investors are active
  1. Survival bias in mutual fund performance
  2. More on survivor bias in mutual fund performance
  3. Still more on survivor bias in mutual fund performance
  4. Returns at Hedge Funds
  5. Bogle on picking mutual funds
  6. A Test of Market Rationality
  7. The Appeal of Indexing
  8. A Warning on Indexing
  9. The Effect of Indexing