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Company Valuations


These are excel spreadsheets with the valuations that are included in the lecture notes. Feel free to download them and have fun changing the inputs or updating the information

DCF Valuations

  1. Con Ed: A Stable Growth Dividend Discount Valuation
  2. 3M: Pre-crisis valuation
  3. 3M: Post-crisis valuation
  4. S&P 500: A Dividend Discount Model Valuation
  5. S&P 500: Dividends augmented with buybacks
  6. S&P 500: Dividends augmented with buybacks, fundamental growth
  7. Amazon.com in January 2000: A Valuation of a Company on the Dark Side
  8. Amazon.com in January 2001
  9. Amazon.com in September 2018
  10. Hormel Foods (Status Quo vs Optimal value, Optimal capital structure)
  11. Sears: A company in decline
  12. Las Vegas Sands: Valuing a company in distress and estimating default probability
  13. Embraer: Valuation of an emerging market company with significant international sales
  14. Tube Investments: A Two-stage FCFF Valuation
  15. Tube Investments: Higher Marginal Return on Capital
  16. Tube Investments: Higher Return on Capital (both existing assets and marginal)
  17. The Tata Group: Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Motors, Tata Consulting Services (TCS)
  18. ABN Amro: A Two-stage Dividend Discount Model Valuation
  19. Goldman Sachs: A Three-Stage Dividend Discount Model Valuation
  20. Wells Fargo: Valuing a bank in the middle of a banking crisis
  21. Deutsche Bank: A FCFE model for a bank
  22. Amgen: The R&D Adjustment
  23. Toyota: Valuing a cyclical company with normalized earnings
  24. Exxon Mobil: Valuing a commodity company

Relative Valuations

To be added

Private company Valuations

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Option Pricing Applications in Valuation

Value of Avonex: A Patent Valuation
Value of Financial Flexibility: Disney
Eurotunnel DCF Valuation
Eurotunnel Option Pricing Valuation

Acquisition Valuation

To be added

Value Enhancement

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