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Weekly Challenges


This page will carry the weekly challenges from each week of the valuation classes this semester.

 Week & Topic
Weekly Challenge
1: Firm versus Equity valuation Challenge 1 and Solution

2. Cost of capital and country risk (NA)
2a. Implied ERP

Challenge 2 (simple, China) & Solution
Challenge 2 (complicated) & Solution
Implied premium challenge, data and solution

3. Measuring Earnings

Challenge 3 and Solution & Synthetic rating

4. Fundamental Growth Challenge 4 and Solution
4a. Terminal Value Challenge 4a and Solution
5.Management Options

Challenge 5 and Solution & Option value

6a. Consistency in multiples Challenge 6 and Solution
6b. Circularity in Cost of Capital Calculation Challenge and Solution
Daimler valuation
7. Relative valuation Challenge 7a and Solution
8. Mystery Project

Description and Data

9. Intrinsic versus Relative Valuation Challenge 8 and Solution
10. Private company valuation Challenge 9 and Solution
11. Valuing a patent Challenge 10 and Solution