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By the time you finish this book, you may be tired of my writing and I would not blame you. On the odd chance that you may find my writing interesting or, better still, fun, there are other places you can go to find more of it.

My Blog
I know this sounds new age but much of the writing that I do now is for my blog. In fact, this book on narrative and numbers was born, conceived and largely delivered on my blog. My blog posts wander all over the wide terrain of finance from valuation to corporate finance to portfolio management. Along the way, I also will post occassionally about my true passion which is teaching. A note of warning, though! My blog posts are long and sometimes meandering discourses and you may not have the patience to get through many of them, but just in case you do, here is the link to my blog.

My Books
I love writing and this is my eleventh book, not counting the multiple editions of some of them. Through much of the last 30 years, I have been working on one book or the other. As with my blog posts, my books range the spectrum. I have two books that are specifically on corporate finance, one that is an off shoot on risk management, four on valuaton (other than the Narratives book) and three on portfolio management and its foibles. You can find the entire list of books at this link, as well as websites that support each book (with slides, data and other add ons).

My Papers
If you are looking for academic research , you are looking in the wrong place. I am a dabbler but I do find myself going on an extended run on a topic. Those longer papers are available at this link (I am sorry but it is a messy page) and you can download the papers that interest you. There are two topics that I return to annually with updates. One is equity risk premiums, a pet obsession of mine and a central input into valuaton, where my annual updates starting in 2008 can be found at this link. The other is country risk premiums, a more recent annual series that I started in 2015. I hope to keep both series going as long as I can.