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Narrative Deltas (11)
  1. The Uber Roller Coaster: Narrative Tweaks, Twists and Turns (10/15)
  2. Up, up and away: A Crowd Valuation of Uber (12/14)
  3. Watching the Gap: Apple's long & twisted pricing journey (4/14)
  4. Narrative Resets: Revisiting a Tech Trio (8/15)
  1. The Uber Roller Coaster
News Effects (12)
  1. Reacting to Earnings Reports: Narrative Adjustments and Value Effects (8/14)
  2. Winning at a Losers' Game? The AB Inbev/SAB Miller Merger
  3. Valeant: Check mate or stalemate? Valeant's Fall from Grade (11/15)
  4. Valeant: Information Vaccums, Credibility and Value (5/16)
  1. Winning at a Losers' Game
  2. Valeant: Checkmate or Stalemate?
  3. Valeant: Information Vaccuums & Value
Macro Stories (13)
  1. Go where it is darkest (11/14)
  2. No mas, no mas: The Vale Chronicles (9/15)
  1. No mas, no mas: The Vale Chronicles