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The greatest gift that technology has provided me is the capacity to expand my teaching beyond the classroom and I am trying to draw on this capacity with this book as well. If you check out the material in the chapters and companies section, you will notice that they have their share of webcasts and I hope to add to those over time. Of you find these webcasts useful, here are a few other places you can go.

  1. iTunes U: All of my classes are also available as free, public classes on iTunes U. For those of you not familiar with iTunes U, it is an app that you can download to your device (preferably an iPhone or iPad, though there are ways that you can get it on an Androd) and then add my classes to the app. Not only will you find my semester-long MBA classes here, you will also find compressed online versions of these classes for the vast majority of you who cannot afford to spend 80 minutes on an individual lecture. You can find the full list of classes, with links to iTunes U at this link.
  2. YouTube: I came late to YouTube but I love the simplicity and reach of the medium. All of the classes that I have on iTunes U are now also available as playlists on my YouTube account, which you can get to at this link. Since I now add a YouTube video to almost every blog post that I make, I hope that the playlists keep growing and that you enjoy watching them.