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This is a book about connecting stories to numbers in investing and valuation. The material for the book can be accesssed in one of three ways, by chapter, by company or by type of material. The chapter sequence reflects the structure of the book, with the first five chapters setting the stage, the next five about the sequence from story to valuations followed by two chapters apiece on how stories are affected by news and how they change over a company's life cycle. I hope that you find the material that I present not just useful but also enjoyable!

  1. The story begins
  2. Story Allure
  3. Story Mechanics
  4. Allure of Numbers
  5. Playing Moneyball
  6. Telling a Story
  7. Testing the Story
  8. Bridge to Numbers
  9. Numbers to Value
  10. The Feedback Loop
  11. Narrative Deltas
  12. News Effects
  13. Macro Stories
  14. The Corporate Life Cycle
  15. Focus Shifts
  16. The story ends (or does it?)

The Stars

  1. My Writing
  2. My Videos
  3. My Data
  4. My Tools
  1. Uber
  2. Ferrari
  3. Amazon
  4. Alibaba
The Supporting Cast
  1. Theranos
  2. Apple
  3. Facebook
  4. Vale
  5. Valeant